My bone density was alright for a woman my age until Graves' disease came along. I came to rebuild my body. I have never been athletic. I didn't know the difference between a dumbbell and a doorbell. Weight lifting is now one of the most fun things that I do. Never did I realize how much better it could make me feel. I should have done this long ago. Marlo is a vivacious personal trainer who is patiently teaching me the 'language' of working out. She has given me good advice about nutrition and how to navigate the equipment. 
- Cynthia Smith. 2010

          I started going to Marlo in summer 2011. At the time I was suffering from joint and tendon problems and was limited in terms of my physical activities. Although I was seeing a therapist recommended by my doctor I also began taking Pilates lessons from Marlo Brewitz. She communicated with my therapist and used her knowledge to create a program ideal for my body. While the therapist focused on the problematic areas of the body Marlo focused on related areas which helped to facilitate what the therapist was doing. Also, she taught me ways I could exercise without stressing the joints and tendons, remaining physically active during recovery.She pushed my body in our sessions and I was very surprised in the mornings to find that there was no noticeable soreness from the workout in any part of my body. I also discussed with Marlo some back problems I have had for decades. Although my problems are not considered serious they are very annoying. I have mentioned them to different health professionals over the decades and have received various tips, but it was only through Marlo that the problems cleared up. She identified problems with my posture, giving me insights no one ever had, and taught me exercises to help me maintain proper posture.
On a final note, I was distressed about my joint and tendon problems, but Marlo gave me perspective on them. Also, she brought a spirit of fun to the sessions which was uplifting during recovery and made class fly by. I will miss my visits! 
-T.U, St. Paul, MN. 2011

         I received a Christmas gift from my daughter and her husband for in-home Pilates and Personal Training. I had just turned 87 years old, my posture is deteriorating and my friends have told me that I "walk bent over." I have a pain in the left side of my neck as a result of a fall 2 years ago. The exercises Marlo Brewitz recommended help relieve the pain and improve my balance. I feel Marlo was very patient and helpful, and answered all my questions very thoroughly; made me feel good about myself and gave me compliments, which certainly made an old guy feel great. I really enjoyed having Marlo as my instructor and plan to continue using the exercises that she taught me at home.
-Donald K. Rockenbach.  2012

       Marlo, I am very blessed to work in such a supportive environment. Thank you for always having an open mind and being generous with your time and energy. You are a great teacher and I enjoy learning from you.
-Katie H.  St. Paul, MN 2011

       Thank you for being a light in my life!
-Janis B.  St. Paul, MN 2010

       Marlo is a very professional trainer with a delightful personality. She pushes you to exert yourself so you will increase your strength and stamina. She devises different exercises to zero in on different parts of your body and the exercises are always challenging and never boring.
-Renate S.  St. Paul, MN 2010

       Dearest Marlo, I am so blessed to have you as a staff member. You are absolutely stellar as a trainer and mentor. A true LEADER.
-Michael Gayle. MGayle Studio, St. Paul, MN 2010
       Upon the completion of the Align Pilates Training Program here is what the owner and instructor of the school had to say:
       Marlo, you have worked so hard and it was a joy to watch you grow through your journey. When you came to us a year ago you were already teaching and I remember your desire to learn more. What you have accomplished and dedicated yourself to over the past 12 months is commendable. Marlo you have left an impression on us and we will always remember what you brought to this program; Your willpower, your patience, your engagement, your acceptance, your trust, your understanding, your view, you diligence, your Spirit, your willingness to surrender and the transformation you have made. Congradulations!
-Adrienne Fitzmourice. Owner of Align Pilates, Minneapolis, MN 2012.